About us

Leader on natural sponge market

La Maison de l’Eponge is an online store operated by Cypréos France Eponges, the world’s leading natural sea sponge supplier with a history dating back several generations.

The site was created to meet an identified need, with many consumers claiming that they were unable to source attractive, genuine sea sponges

Our website, La Maison de l’Eponge, features nothing but products of the  highest quality. All our standard sea sponge products are treated, inspected and packaged at our factory in France.

Along with "My First Sponge", we have developped an Organic childcare range, proven hypo-allergenic and Ecocert-certified products developed for parents who want only the very best for their children.

La Maison de l’Eponge also offers a brand-new, environmentally friendly feminine hygiene solution: “In Time Sponge”. This product consists of two natural sea sponge tampons which can be reused throughout an entire menstrual cycle… or even longer.

If you have any technical questions about our sea sponges, please refer to our website at: www.eponges.com