An Antique beauty secret

An authentic bath and skincare routine inspired by ancient traditions

The sea is recognised as an infinite source of riches and benefits. Sea sponges are an entirely natural, gentle alternative to standard skincare products. The sea sponge has long been seen as a precious bathing and skincare accessory, with records of its use dating back to Antiquity.

Homer provides us with an account of the Greek god Hephaestus using a sea sponge to clean his face and chest, while other authors mention Greek athletes using the sponges to coat themselves in scented olive oil. Some of the earliest known doctors used these natural organisms to clean wounds, while Japan’s Geishas would use sea sponges to apply the finishing touches to their make-up.

Over time, sea sponges have gradually been replaced with synthetic sponges. However, these cause waste and pollution and contain chemicals and antibacterial agents that can irritate the skin. These days, environmental conservation becoming an ever-more pressing concern. That’s why Cypréos offers a chance to rediscover this treasure from the depths of the oceans.

Sea sponges are a natural, renewable resource, and the ideal skin care solution. They are hypo-allergenic, exceptionally absorbent and extremely gentle on the skin – qualities you won’t find in any other product of this type.